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How Moustaches Grow

17 Nov

This is 100% accurate. Thanks to Katie O’Donnell for sending me this glorious piece of knowledge!


Moustaches Make a Difference

17 Nov

Great concept, illustration, and design. (and moustaches!)

Found here.

Typography Tuesday: Slab-Serif Typefaces

16 Nov

I’ve been on a slab-serif typeface kick lately; Rockwell is a classic, and Lubalin Graph is incredibly beautiful, but I’m always looking for more great faces. Here are the best slab-serif fonts I’ve found and downloaded for free within the last week! (And a lot of them have awesome ampersands!)


Museo Slab

St. Marie


Charis SIL


Mustache Monday

15 Nov

Here’s your dose of both staches and typography on this lovely Mustache Monday!

found here

Real Men Cry Mustaches

14 Nov

Just found these on That site is full of awesome work and witty design!

Fantacular Layout Design

13 Nov

In the past couple days I’ve been coming across a ton of great magazine layout design. It’s always interesting to see how different designers make information aesthetically pleasing.

Moleskine Art

11 Nov

Moleskine art is awesome.

Moustache Love

11 Nov

In addition to ampersands, I hold moustaches (or mustaches) very close to my heart. I love moustache products, tattoos, jewelry, design, illustration, and most moustache-related art. Here are some inspiring staches.

I’m sure there will be many more mustaches and mustache things to come!

Ampersand Love

3 Nov

Like many typography lovers out there, I have an obsession with ampersands. The ampersand to me is the most unique, beautiful, and variable character of any typeface. I love using it as a design element in addition to is traditional use to represent “and.” So, here are all the ampersand things I’ve been drooling over lately.


I’m sure I’ll be posting more ampersand things in the future. Oh, and I also love semicolons.