Archive | February, 2011

Stache of Staches

24 Feb

Amazing illustration of mustaches INSIDE mustaches. Wow, love it! I would definitely wear this as a t-shirt…every day.


Guinness and an Ampersand

10 Feb


A couple weeks ago I was at a local bar and restaurant, The Irish Lion, ordered a Guinness and was brought this glass. I squealed loudly with joy when I noticed the ampersand on the glass and obviously had to share it. Ignore the crappy phone camera quality!

Ampersand Inspired Invites

10 Feb

Much thanks to Allison for this link! These invites are so beautiful; I love how most of them use the mark as a design feature as well as punctuation. I might use some of these as inspiration for the wedding invites I’m designing. Click the image to check out even more!